Thursday, March 7, 2013

Lord Have Mercy

May Your mercy come to me, O God,

for my soul is safe within You, 
the guardian of my life.
I seek protection in the shade of Your wings

I cry out to God, the Most High,

to God who always does what is good for me.
Out of heaven my rescue comes.

He dispatches His mercy and truth

and goes after whatever tries to run over me.
Psalm 57
I love the word mercy.
It is God's kindness and compassion
toward those who deserve something else.
It requires an understanding of His love
and the ultimate price He paid to express that love.
It is all about Who He is.
So when I have nothing, 
when I find myself at the end of myself,
when I can do nothing to 
attract His blessing or favor, 
I cry out for mercy.
I pray along with the psalmist and say,
"May Your mercy come to me, God.
You are the Guardian of my life.
I am safe in the shade of Your wings.
You always do what is good for me."
I have been listening to a song by Brady Toops
called "Lord Have Mercy" that echoes this psalm.

When I cannot find my way, Lord have mercy
Should my heart begin to stray, Lord hav mercy
When I lay me down to sleep, Lord have mercy
When the road ahead gets steep, Lord have mercy
When I falter, when I fail, Lord have mercy
May Your kindness still prevail, Lord have mercy
When I see Your promises, Lord have mercy
Knowing well that I've been blessed, Lord have mercy
May I never cease to ask, Lord have mercy
Til I breathe very last, Lord have mercy

The song ends with this declaration
repeated over and over:
How great, how great
is Your faithfulness

My cry today is "Lord have mercy."
My declaration is "How great
is Your faithfulness!"
Over and over.
All day long.


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