Sunday, March 17, 2013

I Will Bless You

And the Lord said to Moses,
Say to my people:
The Lord bless, watch, guard, and keep you;
The Lord make His face to shine upon and 
be kind, giving favor to you;
The Lord make His face shine on you
and give you peace.
In this way, they shall put My name upon them, 
and I will bring them good and bless them.
Number 6:22-27

Oh, the Lord is so good.
He gives patterns in His Word 
for us to follow, and in this verse, 
He is telling His people how to pray.
Tell the people to ask the Lord to bless them.
That His kindness and favor would shine on them.
That His name and His presence go with them.

He tells us to ask for these things because
He wants to give them to us.
I will bring them good and bless them.
Tell them to ask for it!
 Jesus, I want more of Your presence everyday.
Your presence is the source of all blessing.
I ask that You bless, watch, guard and keep us this day.
I ask that Your face shine upon me and that You
would give favor to me and those I love.
I ask for Your mercy, Lord, 
that we may experience the
glory of Your goodness.
In whatever way seems good to You, Lord,
I ask that You would 
bring us good and bless us.

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