Thursday, March 14, 2013

Be My Strength Every Morning

Lord, be gracious to me;
I long for you.
Be my strength every morning,
my salvation in time of distress...
You are my sure foundation,
a rich store of salvation and 
wisdom and knowledge.
Isaiah 33:2,6

I have heard the Lord speak this morning.
He spoke about graciousness and strength.
About being my sure foundation for this day.
Nothing helps posture me for the day
like the sound of His voice.
He speaks these words over all those He loves.
My child, though you ebb and flow
between uncertainty and confidence,
I remain steadfast and constant.
I am your strength and your salvation,
the foundation for all you are.
The fear and unrest you feel come because
you carry your own burdens.
Your burdens are as nothing to Me,
so let me carry them.
Today, I lead you beside still waters
and I restore your soul.
There is a depth of peace I want 
to fill you with this day.
Not a peace for the moment,
but a quietness and confidence in
My love for you that lasts forever. 
Those things that concern you, 
combined with thoughts that are not Mine,
leave you feeling overwhelmed.
You know the way back:
repent and take My yoke, for My burden is light.
Listen no longer to the one whispering the lies.
Hold on to My word and My truth.
I am leading you this day--
I delight in You.
Rest in Me and allow Me to bring
My peace deep within.
All your burdens will transfer to My care and 
you will be free to live life fully, 
as I have planned for you.
So, breathe in the air of heaven
and My strength will accomplish all 
I have purposed for this day.

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