Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Stand with Me

This is a bit different than the normal reflection
from a time spent in the presence of Jesus.
I had been reading a prophetic word from Chuck Pierce,
and it resonated with everything I had been sensing.
Just yesterday I wrote about being in a dry and weary place.
This helps bring clarity to that place and 
releases a prophetic strategy for moving beyond.
Always always always, clinging to Jesus 
and trusting Him is the answer when
we are not sure what is happening around us.
But I so appreciate how He uses others in the body
to point us in a direction that releases hope
and gives strategy for moving forward.
He is recreating momentum in our lives.
I want to travail so that whatever is 
currently closed down may be flung wide open.
Lord, give us keys for understanding that we might
press all the way into our next season of fruitfulness.
“I am the Ancient of Days, 
and I’m recreating a momentum for your life. 
I am slowing you down 
so I can accelerate you in days ahead. 
For the enemy has attempted to wear you down. 
The enemy has attempted to change laws and 
change times to begin to stop you 
from accomplishing My will. 
The enemy has attempted to trap you 
by getting you out of My timing. 
But the Ancient of Days is now 
rising over you to reset your pace ahead. 
Stand with Me and travail... 
and your pace for the future will be re-ordered.

“He is coming as the Ancient of Days, 
and there is an ancient key that He carries. 
And in the carrying of this key 
you have seen the enemy take his place 
between you and the promise at this level. 
Press in, press in and contend with the enemy 
because even over the next 21 days
I will give you the strategy to contend with 
the one who contends with you. 
And then as you have pressed the 21 days, 
I will hand you the key of the Ancient of Days, 
and then I will contend with the one 
that has contended with you!

“Many hearts have been wearied and many, 
many minds have grown cold in My thinking process. 
But I am resetting heartbeats, and I’m opening up 
what’s been closed down.
I’m restoring and I’m causing you to walk
in a time that escaped you in one season. 
If you will set your pace with Me, 
the next 7 years I will produce greatly for you 
and My storehouses will be made full.”

Word: http://www.glory-of-zion.org/communications.php
Image: pinterest.com/pin/34128909648371924

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  1. wow. definitely 'right on.' But I wouldn't have seen it if you hadn't posted it. Thank you! --KJ