Thursday, February 14, 2013

Not Moved

But none of these things move me.
Acts 20:24
I have been camping on this Scripture recently.
I so want to be one who is immovable.
I am learning the difference between 
responding to life's joys and challenges
with real thoughts and emotions 
and being immovable in my posture of trust.
Being immovable doesn't mean that
I won't be moved in a general sense.
It does mean that I won't move out of peace.
The Lord has been speaking 
about peace everywhere I go.

A marvelous word has stirred my heart.
Psalm 45:1
The word "peace" has been stirring my heart.
When the Lord is stirring our hearts 
with His marvelous word,
the enemy attempts to
stir our hearts with its opposite.
It seems every time I am in a conversation
either with the Lord or with others about peace,
something will pop up within moments
to bring anxiety, worry, or fear.
Sometimes subtle and sometimes in my face.
The enemy has pointed out that I am 
not good at keeping unmovable.
But God has assured me that 
it has little to do with emotion
and everything to do with posture.
He has been assuring me that 
He doesn't care if I bob on choppy waters.
He cares whether I trust the anchor, 
knowing it will not let me move 
beyond the tug of His reach.
He is helping me be unmovable
in trust, in faith, in love.
Be still my heart and know.
Know that God is ever present, 
ever caring, ever watching.
Know that His goodness knows no bounds
and His mercy is everlasting.
As I meditate on these things,
the anchor holds me firmly in place.
A little bobbing on choppy waters
is just a normal response to 
the winds of life that rush through.
A marvelous word is stirring my heart.
It is His word of peace.
I will not be moved.


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