Monday, February 25, 2013

May He Give You Peace

May God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ 
give you grace and peace.
May the Lord of peace Himself give you 
His peace at all times and in every situation.
2Thes 1:3, 3:16
The Christian faith is such a paradox of 
the "and" and "the both."
Sometimes I feel that I can't ask for peace
because Jesus IS my peace.
And He is.
But Paul prays for the Thessalonians
that God our Father and the Lord Jesus
would GIVE them grace and peace.
Do we have peace or does He give peace?
I love that the answer is yes.
Jesus is the Lord of peace.
Since He lives in us, we have His peace.
And He can also give us more peace.
There are times I can walk in what is there.
But a greater peace is available for 
those times and situations that
confront us and reveal what is not there.
Those times that take our breath away.
Those situations that shout to us
that maybe everything is not going to be ok.
Those times that make us stop and look up.
"Jesus, would You give me Your peace
at this time for this specific situation?"
The more that I know Him and trust Him,
the more peace He is able to give.
"May God give you more and more peace 
as you grow in your knowledge of Jesus our Lord."
2Peter 1:2
My desire is to be unrattled by life.
But greater still is my desire to
grow in my knowledge of You, Jesus.
Because as I grow, You provide more peace.
Every day is an opportunity to see
that I need to know You more.
Jesus, I need more of You.
That is my greatest confession.
When I confess my need for You,
You lavish me with Your presence.
And I find peace.
For my grateful soul.

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