Monday, February 11, 2013

Let Christ

"Make Christ your most constant companion"--
Be more under His influence than under any other. 
Ten minutes spent in His society every day, 
two minutes face to face and heart to heart, 
and your whole day will be different. 
Every character has an inward spring, 
let Christ be it.
Every action has a keynote, 
let Christ set it..." 
Henry Drummond

As I was reading this old booklet, I was impacted 
by the simplicity and power of Drummond's words.
Each day, I make Christ my most constant companion,
the One I meet with, turn to and live for.
Just a few moments meeting with Him,
seeing His face, hearing His voice
re-orients my entire day.

I believe our greatest purpose lies in this:
that the life of Christ become the life in us.
He says to me this morning:
Will you take whatever comes your way today
 and allow My love, My peace, My joy, My compassion, 
My kindness to be formed more completely in you?
This day holds so much purpose,
and I recognize the weight of responsibility
that I carry in many arenas:
wife, mother, teacher, trainer, friend.
Each role tugs on my heart in different ways.
Each role requires that I rely on the Lord
for wisdom, love, discernment, trust and peace.
I may need His peace more as a mother
than I do as a trainer,
His kindness more as a trainer than a teacher,
His love more as a wife than a friend.
And then other times, completely the opposite.
He is training me always in whatever comes my way
to be more like Him.
Jesus, I come to You
that I may receive all that I need today.
May this day be different because 
I have seen You this morning.
I want to let You be the innermost spring
for all that I am and 
the keynote for all that I do. 


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