Friday, February 8, 2013

His Favor and Protection

Light is sown for the righteous and 
strewn along their pathway, 
and joy for those whose hearts are right--
the irrepressible joy which comes 
from the consciousness of His 
favor and protection.
Psalm 97:11

This Scripture paints such a picture of
the Lord going before us with
His watchful and careful eye.
He is sowing light for us and 
strewing it along our pathway.
The same with irrepressible joy. 
This joy springs forth as I meditate 
on His favor and protection over my life.
It is His promise to the righteous
and for those whose hearts are right.
It takes humility to make application
of this great promise.
Because it is the complete recognition 
that it has nothing to do with us.
It is because of who we are in Christ.
But if Christ lives in you, 
your spirit is alive because of the
righteousness that He imputes to you.
Romans 8:10
Christ is fully alive every day, 
full of joy, rightly related to His Father.
The key to this life of light and joy is that 
I allow His life to be fully alive in me,
ever aware of His favor and protection.
This awareness allows us to cast
all our anxieties and concerns on Him, 
for He cares for us affectionately 
and cares about us watchfully.
His watchful and careful eye 
is affectionately with us 
where ever we go.
His favor and protection.
Irrepressible joy.


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