Friday, January 4, 2013

The Words He Speaks

It is the Spirit Who gives life
He is the Life-giver; 
the flesh counts for nothing.
The words that I have been 
speaking to you 
are spirit and life.
John 6:63
When Jesus speaks a word to us,
it is spirit and life.
The Greek in this Scripture is rhema,
meaning "a word spoken by a living Voice."
The words on the page aren't rhema
until our spirit hears them spoken.
As we hear them spoken  
by the living Voice,
they become life to us.
I desperately want to hear Jesus speak to me
in ways I have not heard before.
Lord, I am asking that You take away 
all familiarity with this truth.
How do You transfer life into Your words
that they actually become life for me?
I believe that it is about being with You and
waiting long enough until I hear Your voice
speak a word of life to me.
If the written words on the page 
get spoken to my spirit,
they become life.
Not just metaphorically.
But active and alive in me,
producing fruit.
One word I have heard the Lord speak
is the word kindness.
Kathy, I want you to carry My truth
everywhere you go.
For now, your key to getting into 
the hearts of others is kindness.
When you are bugged by others, be kind.
When you get impatient and tired, be kind.
When your flesh wants to respond, be kind.
As He speaks the word "kindness"to my spirit,
it becomes alive in me by faith.
His kindness is not wimpy.
It is full of power and purpose.
It is the character of Jesus.
I, Paul, make a personal request to you 
with the gentleness and kindness of Christ. 
2Corinthians 10:1
I'm pretty sure I will be tempted today
to allow my flesh to determine my response.
Lord, help Your living word of kindness
be alive in me so that I choose
to live by Your Spirit
and carry life wherever I go.
I hear You speak to me.
That is all I need.


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