Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Answer to a Different Question

As He passed along, He noticed 
a man blind from his birth.
His disciples asked, Rabbi, who sinned, 
this man or his parents, that he was born blind?
Jesus answered, It was not that 
this man or his parents sinned, 
but he was born blind in order that 
the workings of God should be 
displayed and illustrated in his life.
John 9:1-3
The disciples came upon a blind man
and the first question was,
Whom shall we judge?
They asked Jesus the "complex question."
It was based on an affirmative answer
to a question that hadn't been asked.
It apparently didn't cross their minds to ask
whether judgment was even needed.
The disciples only saw two options:
The man sinned or the parents sinned.
They asked their Teacher.
His answer was shocking.
It wasn't A or B.
It was from a whole different answer key.
He answered the question they didn't ask.

He was born blind that God might have
one whom He could display His workings.
That option wasn't even in the
realm of possibility for them.
God was displaying His workings
in the blind man and they were blind to it.

We are like them in so many ways.
We see others that are different
and we immediately want to judge.
We often ask the wrong questions.
He doesn't always answer 
the questions we are asking.
He answers the one we need to ask.

The disciples were simply "passing along."
And God was trying to display His glory.
Am I willing to look for His glory in others
as I am "passing along" in my day?
My confession is that I am 
most often the blind one.
My prayer is that I begin to see
the glory that passes me by every day.


  1. "It was based on an affirmative answer
    to a question that hadn't been asked." I had to reread this a few times to fully get it (my rusty logic brain finally kicked in though!). So powerful! And so true. - Rona

  2. Thanks Rona! I think of you often when I teach logic because I have your notebook and notes. Just about to begin teaching fallacies...and the complex question. I love finding examples in the Bible that I have never seen before. Thanks for taking time to read and to comment:)