Sunday, January 13, 2013

Open Doors and Hearts

Yesterday I went to the funeral of a friend
that we spent a lot of time with
back in our teaching aerobics days.
He and his wife were full of life--
joking, fighting, loving, laughing, fighting.
Through it all, they were always together,
front row, sweating it out with everyone else
in lycra tights and leg warmers.
Aerobics classes ended years ago, 
and our contact with them was down to
Christmas cards and facebook updates.
I was shocked and saddened when
she wrote on facebook this past week that 
he had died unexpectedly in his sleep.
Back at their house after the funeral, 
I told her that I have been praying for her.
I didn't really know where she was in terms
of any relationship with the Lord.
Her facebook posts indicate that her ideas 
at times are very different from my own.
And she is very vocal about them.
But she said that just because she didn't
go to church or do religious things
didn't mean she wasn't a Christian.
She told me that most
of his family are Christians.
They were "religious and judgmental"
and she hasn't wanted anything to do with 
people in a church that were like them.
She loved his family a lot;
she just didn't love their religion.
Mostly their judgmentalism.
But she told me that she was open and
might want to try going to church.
Crisis changes people.
It opens doors that were nailed shut.
I reminded her of the crisis situations
that I walked through back in the day
and told her that was when
I opened my heart to the Lord.
Crisis situations clearly demonstrate
that we are out of control.
We look for answers outside ourselves.
We open our hearts to the things of God.
“Not everyone will judge you.”
"I'm a liberal, you know," she said.
Oh, I know that.
But her ideas don't matter to me.
Her heart does.
I have answers she really needs,
and more than that,
answers she is really searching for.
And I know the Lord is working in her heart.
My prayer is that I can find ways to 
represent Christ to her.
It is a primary reason I have to know Him more.
I have to be like Him so others can see 
Who He really is.
It is our assignment 
and great privilege.

Through Jesus Christ, God received us into favor,
brought us into harmony with Himself
and gave to us the ministry of reconciliation
that by word and deed we might aim
to bring others into harmony with Him.
So we are Christ’s ambassadors,
God making His appeal as it were through us.
2 Corinthians 5:18, 20


  1. How is your friend doing? I so enjoyed reading this. I read this when you first wrote it and the part that has stayed with me is, "But her ideas didn't matter to me. Her heart does." I have thought of this at different times in how I interact with others who are different than me (have different opinions). - Rona

  2. Thanks for asking Rona...I have written on her fb page but want to give her some time. I posted a link to Misty's page and thought maybe we could find a way to reach out to her from the community there. I want to invite her to CCM, but also want to let things settle down a bit. Could you pray for God to continue opening doors for her? That would mean a lot:)