Thursday, January 24, 2013

Only Jesus

But the person of faith who can go alone 

into the wilderness and get on her knees 
and command heaven—God is in that. 
The one who is willing to put herself 
in a place where she must get the answer 
from God and God alone—
the Lord is in that... 
AW Tozer, Faith Beyond Reason

There are times when God
clearly orchestrates circumstances,
and I know that I know that 
it really comes down
to me and Jesus.
I cannot go to anyone for answers.
I cannot search out counsel from friends.
I cannot allow myself to sit in the noise.
I need to get into the wilderness
and get on my knees,
to a place where God
is the only one who can speak.

I know this on many levels.
But today I am knowing this
on a level deeper still.
No one can help me.
Not because my issues
are too big for anyone else.
But because God has orchestrated
circumstances not meant for anyone else.
He means for me to come to Him.
To be still before Him,
with my eyes fixed on Him alone.
I don’t need to do anything.
I just need to be,
believing that He is ministering
to my soul at a deep level.
Bringing His peace and His rest.
Pouring out His bread of life and
rivers of living water.
Be still my soul.
Your God is near.

For He satisfies the thirsty
and fills the hungry with good things.
Psalm 107:9

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