Sunday, January 27, 2013

I Turn My Eyes

Lord, I look up to You,
up to heaven, where You rule.
I turn my eyes toward You.
As a servant depends on his master 
and a maid depends on her mistress,

so I will keep looking to You, O Lord my God,
until You have mercy on me.
Be merciful to me, Lord, be merciful.
Psalm 123
I keep hearing the Lord say,
Look only at Me.
I am preparing a release of blessing
that you cannot see in the natural plane.
You have prayed and you have stood,
and now I am answering.
Continue to look to Me and
pray into the dimension where I am.
Circumstances in the natural want to
dictate your attitude and deflate your faith.
But I say, your faith belongs
to a different dimension.
And I am authoring a new chapter of faith.
Because I am going to allow you to see
from My vantage point.
Although this release may not be 
in this moment tangibly,
it is of this moment spiritually.
Through your prayers, I will connect
heaven and earth so that
the tangible and the spiritual merge.
Wow, I have a sense of knowing this in my spirit,
when I am sitting with Him and hearing His voice
and sensing His presence and His love.
But then I stand in the day
and see the rain, the gray, the routine,
the challenges and the trials,
and my thoughts don't line up with this knowing.
Nothing can really break through all this.
It really isn’t ever going to look much different.
As often as I must, I disagree with those thoughts.
And I rehearse the psalm over and over.
I turn my eyes to You, Lord.
My faith in this moment matters.
You are all I need.
And anything good that I want
must come from You.
It is the only thing that 
brings no regret
and has eternal purpose.
Lord, have mercy on me.


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