Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I Am Become New

Anyone who belongs to Christ
is become a new person.
Behold, the fresh and new has come!
2 Corinthians 5:16
 I sit here this morning, 
remembering that the new has come.
Last night we rung in the New Year with
all the expectation that New Year's Eve holds.
Even though it is only one day away,
yesterday has become part of the old.
Can one day really make everything new?

I have been asking the Lord for 
fresh revelation about being made new.
The Greek word for "is become" 
(which sounds grammatically awkward) 
is the perfect active indicative of ginomai,
which implies both being made new once
and having the ability to stay new continually.
It is so challenging to keep fresh
with the concept of "newness."
With all the resolutions for this new year,
most won't feel the newness a week from now.
Because a new day and a new year
don't really feel any different from the old.
This doesn't feel like a new year.
But it is.
I don’t feel new in Christ today.
But I am.
Feelings don't matter in either case.
Through Christ, I am new and I am 
continuing to be made new daily.
Each day, His life in me creates.
His created life is new everyday.

Jesus, You make all things new.
I never want my feelings to dictate the truth 
concerning Your creative power in my life.
Help me live in wonder of Your ability
to make all things new.
Help me live in wonder that not only
do You make all things new, 
You also make me new.
Every day.
We celebrate the coming of 
a New Year once every 365 days.
I want to celebrate Your creative 
life in me every day.
Because I am become a new person.
The grammar of that sentence matters.
Because newness happens continually, 
every moment of every day.
Your gifts to us are
immeasurably good!


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