Monday, December 3, 2012

Unfailing Love and Faithfulness

So the Word became human and 

made His home among us. 
He was full of unfailing love and faithfulness...
John 1:14

Father wanted us to see His
eternal faithfulness and unfailing love.
Jesus came in obedience to that desire.
This season of incarnation reminds us that 
Jesus came so we might see.

He came full of the expression 
of unfailing love and faithfulness.
What it cost the Father for His Son
to encase Himself in human form!
He left His divine nature behind,
that He might make His home with us.
I want to be full this season,
so that others may see Him.
I don't want to be just
caught up in the "holiday season."
Am I full of love and faithfulness?
There is no other way to represent
Him to the world accurately.

Christmas is about incarnation.
The enemy's only battle plan
is that we miss that.
"The Holy Spirit will overshadow you...
nothing is impossible with God."
May it be unto me according to
Your word, Jesus.
You came full that we might see.
We must live full so that others might see.
Your grace is sufficient for us 
to reflect Your glory.

Tis the season.

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