Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Return of Hope

For unto us a Savior has been born.
The poor become rich,
the weak become strong
and the hopeless now have hope.
Our hope is Him.
I wrote this poem a couple of years ago for our Christmas Eve service.
The incredibly gifted Gillian Hu wrote music to go with it 
and plays on the piano. Kelli Hamann is on the cello.
It is anointed and beautiful--to be played while the poem is read.
May the sound of Hope be released and greatly encourage all who hear.
(The link is at the end of the post.)

The Return of Hope

The intensity of darkness
Had choked Hope and flung her out.
With poles staked and canopy pitched,
Despair roamed freely under cover.

Despondency picked up speed 
And stayed in motion with no resistance,
Saturating those who lived below
Until they remembered Hope no more.

Weary travelers dragged the weight
With stupefied determination
To move in any direction
But the one that would get them home.

Until the One who knew the darkness said,
“You can have your way no more!”
And shot a beam of light 
To cut the cords of intensity.

Light began to rise over the channels.
It flowed above the hills
And its outstretched wings
Filled the breadth of the land.

The weary and saturated travelers
Came out of the stupor as they sensed
The light had come to reverse
The desperation and resuscitate Hope.

The One who sent the light
Broke the yoke of burden and staff of goading
He spoke a new order of government
And placed it on strong shoulders.

He summoned Hope forth
Peace would now rule where despair had reigned
Darkness had no chance to adjust
He established a Kingdom of light to fill the void

Increase was His command
Promising His government would keep coming
Its span would be eternal
A new canopy had been erected

New names would define the reign
Wise Counselor, Strong Son, Prince of Peace
The operating system would be right judgment
Under this canopy, Hope sat down to stay

Hope became a fellow Traveler and dwelt within
His Grace and Truth pointed them
To the narrow path that would lead them home
To the heart of the One Who called them His own.

I don't know how to listen to the music without leaving this page.
You will have to open two windows to read and listen together.
If anyone knows how to do this the right way, please leave a comment:)

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