Thursday, December 13, 2012

Kept by Grace

"It is told of a saintly man,
that by his own request, 
the only epitaph on his grave 
was the word kept.
We are all kept by the power of God 
through faith unto salvation."
J R Miller
Secrets of a Beautiful Life

That we are being kept by God
is the miraculous, loving gift of grace.
He keeps us every moment of our day--
teaching us when we are at a loss,
giving us strength when we are tempted,
lifting us up when we fall,
going after us when we wander,
and encouraging us when we are weak.
This patient, never failing, watchful love
of Christ is our salvation every day.
It is His perfect knowledge of us
that gives such infinite patience
to His love and grace.
He knows what is in us--
not just what we are now,
but what we are to be
when His work in us is finished.
We shall be like Him;
for we shall see Him as He is.
“The mother of the artist saw in her boy’s
childish attempts glimpses of genius,
and kissed him to encourage him.
That kiss made him an artist.
So the patient, loving Christ sees
in our poor living, in our yearnings,
our human discontents, our strivings,
our hungers, and our longings,
glimpses of what we may become,
and it is to bring out these possibilities
that He deals with us
in such grace and gentleness.”
~J R Miller 
His gentleness, love and infinite grace
gives me the hope to live this day
for His glory.

While I was with them,
I kept and preserved them in Your Name.
John 17:12

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