Thursday, December 20, 2012

Giving as Sacrifice

The Father loves Me 
because I sacrifice My life 
so I may take it back again.
No one can take My life from me. 
I lay it down when I want to 
and also to take it up again. 
This is what My Father has commanded.
John 10:17-18
Jesus was commanded by His Father
while He was here on earth.
And He lived in complete harmony 
with His Father, obeying Him in everything.
The Father's eternal love for His Son 
was contingent only on their relationship
but Jesus said that His Father loved Him
because He sacrificed His life.
Sacrifice was the expression of His love
back to His Father.

I wonder how many times during the day
that I "forget" to lay my life down?
I am pretty good at taking it back again.
If I want to express my love for Him--
rather than my love for myself--
I have to get better at laying it down.
It will not get used up.
I get empty to get full.
It is the paradox of a life
lived for eternal purpose.
During this season, 
giving must take on deeper meaning.
Giving gifts is easy, certainly fun.
Giving my life--
which includes my affections,
sensitivities, opinions, and desires--
is the highest form of loving Him.
When I take my life back up again,
I want it to be because the life is His.
Resurrected and full,
representing Him to a world that 
desperately needs to see accurately.
Jesus, it is why You came.
I want it to be the reason
 why I breathe.

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