Wednesday, December 5, 2012

All that is Christ in Me

"If there is any situation from which
you are not prepared to step back,
in recognition of the total adequacy 
of Christ in you,
then you are out of the will of God...
the office of the Holy Spirit 
is to make known to you,
and to make experiential to you,
all that is Christ in you."
The Saving Life of Christ

I want to expose every circumstance,
as it comes--through faith--
to the all sufficiency of Christ, 
who lives in me.
"For it is Christ who works in me,
both to will and act according to
His good pleasure and purpose."
He works in me, whether I am 
aware or not, to set my will and come 
into alignment with His purposes.
It is why obedience to 
His still voice is so important.
He is leading us into His places of
pleasure and purpose.
I have access to His strength and grace
for every moment of my day,
resting my whole self on His sufficiency,
banking all my trust on His love for me.
I choose to work out my salvation
through His life in me.
The Holy Spirit wants to release 
the life of Christ through us today.
His goal is that Christ be alive,
living incarnate through His people.
Fully aware of all that this day holds,
He longs for us to trust 
that His life in us contains 
all the fullness of His power.
 I so want to recognize
the total adequacy of 
"Christ in me"
in every situation I face.
That desire is His will for us...
every moment of every day.


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