Thursday, November 29, 2012

Stiller than Ever

This is my command—
be strong and courageous! 
Do not be afraid or discouraged. 
For the Lord your God is with you 
wherever you go.
Joshua 1:9

Courage is the complete freedom
to receive from Him alone.
My Father is with me wherever I go. 
He is asking me to stop and be still,
stiller than I have been.
It's not some kind of idyllic stillness,
but a stillness "as I go."
It is a labor of sorts,
where things intensify but I get quieter.
The external voices become sounds
I must ignore because 
I need to hear Him.
I must go all the way inward,
to the place of the heart where Father dwells.
He is speaking to me about never leaving home.
The warning signals of leaving His heart
are thoughts of distress or anxiety.
My thoughts can get crowded before
I know they are even there.
They are about new things,
so I don't recognize them as readily.
But the Lord is shining His light
on those kinds of thoughts
and telling me not to be afraid.
Be strong and take courage, Kathy.
I am with you wherever you go.
You are My daughter.
I recognize my Father's voice
and return home to His heart.
When I turn to Him in trust,
He runs to me and says, 
"You are My beloved.
All I have is yours."
For this reason alone, 
I want to become still.
And then, stiller than I have ever been.
My courage is bound to His voice.


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