Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Refuge

But if you make Me your refuge
and come to Me for protection,
you will inherit this land and 
My holy mountain will always be yours.
Isaiah 57:13

In His great mercy we have been 
born again into a life full of hope...
and given an imperishable inheritance
In the meantime, you are guarded 
by the power of God operating 
through your faith.
1 Peter 1:3

That Jesus be my refuge is my heart's desire.
I want to run by reflex to His protection, 
protection from both the enemy's roaring
and the constant and present danger
I face from my own unregenerated mind. 
His mercy brought us into a life of hope.
He is our life of hope.
Faith is our access to God's power,
our shield for anything that comes against us.
The big and the little come at us daily.
He is my refuge for it all.
Lord, help me to make You my refuge today,
with a faith that releasesYour power 
sufficient for all that this day holds.
May I be "firm in faith against 
the onset of the enemy--
rooted, established, strong,
 immovable, and determined"
running to You and trusting You as my shield.
May I have Your mind for 
all that comes into this day.
Would You give me this day my daily bread,
would Your Kingdom come and 
Your will be done on earth--
and in this portion of earth
as it relates to me and my choices.
I want this day to be stamped with
"She is her Beloved's."
Because really, 
that is the desire of my heart.

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