Saturday, November 3, 2012

Matrix of Truth

The enemy has one goal
as he orchestrates his matrix each day:
to keep us separated from our God.
He knows he can’t do that legitimately
because nothing separates us from His love.
So he uses smoke and mirrors to lure us
into the deceptive game of 
fear, discouragement and doubt.
Culture is his medium;
he rules these airwaves and works in the dark.
The more we are in the culture
and out of His word,
the more viable are the lies.
One of his trademarks is subtlety. 
I am amazed at how often I find 
my head nodding with the lie 
before I even realize my head is moving.
Fear, discouragement and doubt are fruits
of his well-crafted cultural matrices.
Biblical truth is in violent opposition
to culturally crafted ideology.
God gave us His Word and His Spirit
that we may navigate counter-culturally by faith.
We have to see through the grid of Truth.
Nothing can separate me from His love.
By day the Lord directs His love
and by night His song is with me.
As I draw near to God,
He will draw near to me.
Nothing can keep me away from
the love of God which is mine
through Christ Jesus our Lord.
Today I want to be more aware of His presence
than I am anything else around.
I will not nod in agreement with
fear, discouragement and doubt.
He is my great God and 
an ever present help at all times.

We have been born into another Matrix,
the grid through which I have to see.
But blessed are your eyes, 
because they see; 
and your ears, 
because they hear.
Matthew 13:16


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