Monday, November 26, 2012

Days of Reward

So don’t lose a minute adding holy living to faith...
good character, spiritual understanding, 
alert discipline, passionate patience, 
reverent wonder, warm friendliness, 
and generous love. 
With these actively growing in your lives, 
no day will pass without its reward 
as you mature in your experience 
of our Master Jesus. 
2Peter 1:5-9
I love that our relationship with Christ
isn't meant to be some quiet,
just me and Him,
kind of relationship.
It is meant to be lived out loud, 
a beautiful mix of faith and holy living.
Most accept good character as important.
Here it is listed as the starting point,
but we need to be doing our adding:
We need to add spiritual understanding. 
And passionate patience, alert discipline
 and reverent wonder.
Warm friendliness and generous love.
It is the way we were meant to live.
If we keep actively adding these to our lives, 
we will never stumble or lose our faith-- 
and each day will hold a reward.
These virtues, however, are counter cultural.
In this fast and furious world in which we live, 
patience is a lost art and 
passionate patience an anomaly.
Human reasoning trumps 
spiritual understanding
and familiarity strips wonder.
Discipline is seen as religious, 
friendliness as inconvenient
and generous love as too costly.

But sons and daughters of a holy, loving Father
aren't bound by the things of this world.
We are commanded to mature in 
our experience of Jesus.
Our days will carry great reward.
Becoming more like Him is reward enough.
He has given us everything we need 
for life and for holy living. 
We are exhorted not to lose a minute
in doing our adding. 
In reality, it is called


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