Wednesday, October 17, 2012


My eyes are always on the Lord. 
For He will take my feet out of the net.
Turn to me and show me Your loving-kindness.
Psalm 25:15-16
The Lord is the One who takes our feet out of the net.
For me, my feet most often get caught
in the net of tangled thoughts.

I had just read about the man at the pool for 38 years.
Every day he must have wrestled down
thoughts of discouragement and doubt,
anxiety and fear about his future.
But Jesus saw him lying there--
his feet "caught in a net"--and asked:
"Do you have a mind to 
recover your strength?"
John 5:6
I love this translation of the verse.
When our feet--bound by our thoughts-- 
are tangled in a net, we find ourselves 
sapped of strength, 
rather than full of His abundant life.
Today, I "have a mind to recover" 
whatever strength I may have lost because 
fixed my eyes on circumstances or 
meditated on the vain imaginations 
of an overactive soul.
I fix my eyes on You, Lord.
You will lead my feet out of the net.
You want nothing less for me
than all that You have.
I fix my eyes on Your loving kindness, 
trusting You will untangle my thoughts
and help me think a little more like You.


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