Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Voice of the Lord

Follow the Lord your God and fear Him. 
Keep His Laws and listen to His voice. 
Work for Him and hold on to Him...
You must listen to 
the voice of the Lord your God.
Deuteronomy 13:4,18
Deuteronomy 13 speaks of hearing His voice
above the clamor of culture.
It is about not allowing anyone or anything
tempt me to worship the gods of the day.
The gods of today are pushy.
They are loud and they are busy.
It is easy to get wrapped up in their ways
without even realizing they have 
lured me out of range of hearing.
If I don't hear His voice, 
then my voice will be out of tune.
When a voice spoke from heaven, Jesus said, 
“The voice did not come for Me, 
but it came to be a help to you."
John 12:30
His voice comes to help us.
I don't know what to do or where to turn
if I can't hear Him speak to me,
either from His Word or a rhema
completely aligned with His Word.
It is the way Jesus lived.
Then Jesus spoke with a loud voice... 
"I have not spoken by My own power. 
The Father Who sent Me 
has told Me what to say and speak. 
I know that His Word is life that lasts forever. 
I speak the things the Father 
has told Me to speak.”
John 12:30,44
I have a new desire to separate myself
to hear His voice more clearly;
Jesus did not speak of His own power.
I want the things I say
to be the things He says.
There are hundreds of voices 
vying for our attention every day.
I want to be an echo of 
the One voice that matters.
His Word is life that lasts forever.
Jesus Christ is the chief and sum 
of the Words of God. 
Keep Him, hold Him, abide in Him, 
continue in Him, never let Him go. 
Charles Spurgeon

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