Friday, October 19, 2012

Poor and Needy

When the poor and needy 
search for water and there is none,
and their tongues are parched from thirst,

then I will answer them.
I will never abandon them.
I will open up rivers for them 
on the high plateaus.
I will give them fountains of water 
in the valleys.

I will fill the desert 
with pools of water.
Rivers fed by springs 
will flow across the parched ground.
Isaiah 41
The great advantage goes to the poor and needy.
I was feeling discouraged this morning;
it seemed I couldn't find a trace of water.
Because our travel is not by land
but by thought,
we can find ourselves in green pastures 
one moment and dry desert places the next.
And not even know how we got there.
This morning I found myself in the desert.
Lord, how do I find You today?
I was distracted and desperate.
And He spoke to me out of His word.
"When you are needy and can't find water,
I am already waiting with the cup.
I wait to refresh you where you are at.
Your desert places I will fill.
It is not to the full and satisfied that I pour out.
It is to the empty and needy.
Daughter, blessed are the poor in spirit.
Do you believe My words?
Today, I call you blessed.
Today, I announce to you
that I Myself will fill those empty places.
You wouldn't want to be satisfied
any other way.
I will lead you out to the cool water’s brink, 
refreshed and content.
Your brimming cup will run over.
Surely goodness, mercy, and unfailing love 
will follow you all the days of your life, 
and My presence
shall be your dwelling place."
It is His promise to us all, 
to all who are poor and needy.
His favorites.


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