Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Songs of Life

Any time that I don't know how to be real
or I think the Lord will not hear me
unless I get my act together...
I read the Psalms.
The Psalms are recorded conversations 
between the psalmist and his soul 
and the psalmist and his God.

Why are you sad, O my soul? 
Why have you become troubled within me? 
I say to God my Rock, 
“Why have You forgotten me? 
Why do I have sorrow?” 
Why are you sad, O my soul? 
Hope in God, for I will yet praise Him, 
my help and my God.
Psalm 42
I love that God didn't worry 
about cleaning everything all up 
before having the Holy Spirit 
include the Psalms in the Word.
Every time the psalmist has this real dialogue
with his soul and with God,
he reaches the conclusion
that he should put his hope in God.
I love reality and being able to 
acknowledge where my soul is at.
But I don't love keeping it there.
Lord, the life in Your psalms always leads me 
up to where You are so that my reality changes.
You always reveal Your goodness.
You always remind me to trust.
You are the One I go to when I 
need to work things out.
Your psalms lead me to You.
Thank You for the risk You took
including them in Your Word.
You allowed the conversation of how 
man feels about his soul and his God--
and all the emotions attached--
to be recorded that we might find 
hope on those days when we feel like 
our thoughts connect to nothing.
Once again, You have taken my reality
and translated it into Yours.
I have tasted and I have seen 
that You are infinitely good.
Your psalms have been 
my songs of life.


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