Saturday, October 13, 2012

I Find Rest

My soul is quiet and waits for God alone. 
My hope comes from Him. 
He alone is my rock and 
the One Who saves me. 
He is my strong place. 
I will not be shaken...
Trust in Him at all times.
Pour out your heart before Him. 
God is a safe place for us.
Psalm 62
My heart and mind have been filled
with so many cares and concerns;
this psalm has been recentering me.
It has been pointing me towards 
quietness and hope and trust.
I sit before Him, declaring that 
"power and loving kindness
belong to You, Lord."
You are wisdom and strength and love.
I don't have to figure it all out.
I sit down with You, incline my heart
towards Your goodness,
and tell You that I will not be shaken.
At all times I find my rest in You, Lord.
You are a safe place, not only for me,
but for all those I love and 
carry continually in my heart.
I release all my concerns and cares
for them, as well, into Your loving hands.
Thank You for allowing me 
to pour out my heart before You.
You hold me and assure me
that You've got this.
The sweetest, safest place
is the place where You are,
where I find rest for my soul.


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