Monday, October 15, 2012

Desperate for His Strength

David was desperate...
But he felt the Lord 
God giving him strength.
Samuel 30:6

The Lord is the One Who hears our cries
and knows how to carry all of our burdens.
The longer we walk with Him
and the older we get,
the more we realize that the burdens we carry
are too great to run elsewhere.
They are not concerns for ourselves alone; 
they are concerns for our families,
our friends, our church, our nation.
When we put all these together-- 
and especially on the days where 
circumstances in a particular area
are greater than normal--
we become desperate.
In the early days, it seemed the Lord 
provided somewhere to run on hard days.
Others helped us sort things out
and eventually find Him.
But these days, I am desperate 
way too often to run to others--
although those others have become
significantly more important to me.
But I have become utterly dependent 
on the Lord to give me strength. 
All day long I am conscious of my need.
It is not that everything is challenging.
Sometimes my need is to praise Him 
and thank Him for all the good that He is doing.
He is my great need.
He wants me to trust Him for today's strength.
For all those things that I know I will face today,
and for the ones I cannot see coming,
Lord, help me find my strength in You.
I will go with complete trust to the throne of God. 
and receive His loving-kindness 
and have His loving-favor to help me 
whenever I need it.
Hebrews 4:16
You carry all my burdens;
You are strong and You are good.
There is nothing else I need to know today.


  1. "There's nothing else I need to know today." That's pretty much it. He's big enough. :)
    K Jo