Monday, October 22, 2012

Declaring the Shift

"You will find yourselves in situations 
that simply will not shift 
until you lean into His voice,
hear what He's saying and stand in faith
to make that the declaration over your life."
Bill Johnson, Strengthen Yourself in the Lord

Agreement with Father is what
Jesus' life was all about.
He did what Father did and 
said what Father said.
Maturity in Christ looks 
more and more like that.
Faith declarations, in alignment 
with His Word, are powerful.
But declarations that echo what He says 
to us in times of intimacy,
will change our circumstances,
move our mountains 
and still our storms.
This is a season of leaning
into the Lord more and more
until I hear Him speak clearly.
There are things I am standing for in faith--
and as I hear Him speak 
and declare what isn't as though it were--
I believe my prayers can create 
a shift in the spirit.
We believe He listens to us 
whenever we make 
any request of Him 
in accordance with His will. 
We are sure that He listens 
to all our requests, 
sure that the requests 
we make of Him are granted. 
1 John 15:14-15
Lord, I wait before You.
I believe You speak to me
and I believe You listen.
Your voice is my confidence
and my voice matters
as it aligns with Yours.


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