Sunday, September 30, 2012

You Have an Anointing

But you have an anointing from the Holy One..."
1 John 2:20
This has definitely been a season of change.
It feels tenuous, maybe even sad at times.
I have asked, "God what are You doing?
You give and take away.
And sometimes I don't get it."
There has definitely been some loss,
and I have to continually make sure 
I am loosely holding what I have.
But He also has been adding.
It has made me a bit restless.
I don't want change to be my focus.
Seek first the Kingdom...
and ALL the rest will be added.
I will not move from that.
This morning, He led me to 1John 2.
I believe His fingerprints are always
all over my time with Him.
He turns pages and directs my thoughts.
His assurance this morning is:
I have anointed you for each day,
which unfolds in moments.
Each moment has My very life at the center.
I know exactly what is inside each moment,
and I have anointed you for each one.
Walk in confidence that I hold you
and you are Mine.
I care about you more than 
you ask or imagine and, indeed, 
have already answered your prayer.
After I wrote this, I said to Him:
But I haven't even prayed anything yet.
I sensed a wink as He said, I know that.
But the prayer that you haven't even prayed yet...
I have already answered that.
Oh, how I love my time with Him!

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