Monday, September 24, 2012

Resurrection and Life

Scripture tells the story of Lazarus,
and his sisters, Mary and Martha.
Jesus loved these siblings deeply.
One day, He received word 
that Lazarus was very sick.
When He met up with Mary and Martha,
Jesus told them he would be raised up.
Mary said she knew he would be 
resurrected at the end of time.

I am, right now, Resurrection and Life. 
John 11:25
Mary believed in Him and believed 
something about the future resurrection.
They were in the midst of suffering and death,
and Mary trusted that it 
would work out in eternity.

But Jesus was trying to show them
how His love and resurrection power 
are also for right now.
In the midst of suffering and trial,
Jesus has a "right now" resurrection.
We often think He doesn't come 
soon enough into our circumstances.
He waited two days to get to Lazarus.
It has nothing to do with lack of love.

We think sooner would have been better.
We believe it will all work out for good in eternity.
But what of His resurrection power now?
He is, right now, the Resurrection and the Life.
Those things that look lifeless
aren't things.
They are issues of our heart.
Sometimes it is easier to bury those
and trust eternity with the answers.
But Jesus resurrects hope on a daily basis.
Jesus, I look to You for life today.
I believe You can resurrect my hope today
for those things that I have called dead.
"Get up, my dear friend
and come away with Me.
I am, right now, 
the Resurrection and Life.
My life and my love 
are intimately connected.
Stand with Me
and watch Me bring
My Father glory
as I life you with 
My resurrection power."


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