Friday, September 28, 2012


This Son perfectly mirrors God, 
and is stamped with God’s nature.
Hebrews 1:2
I went for a run this afternoon and passed 
a small pond surrounded by trees.
The mirror image of the trees 
in the pond was stunning.
The pond was completely filled with
the images of the trees above it.
I thought of Jesus perfectly mirroring
what He saw His Father doing.
I thought of our desire for earth
to be the mirror image of heaven.
I thought of our desire to be 
the mirror image of Christ.
He could have made us like the trees--
perfectly reflecting His image always.
But He made us human and gave us choice.
We can reflect whatever image we want.
Will I respond to His goodness and 
reflect Him accurately by surrendering
when He asks me to be more like Him?
Or will I use my freedom to reflect
something just a little different?
Jesus perfectly reflected 
the image of His Father.
I have thought about that 
since I ran past that pond.
I want to cast no shadow of turning.
I want to reflect His beauty so that people 
who don't know Him can see Who He is.
He invades our hearts with His love,
bidding us to come and die
that we might be more like Him.
That we might be transformed into 
an accurate representation of His love.
That we might be a perfect reflection.
"As He is, so are we in the world."
1John 4:17
Lord, I can only be like Thee
when I am one with Thee. 
I can only walk like Thee
when I abide in Thee. 
Blessed Lord, I surrender myself
to abide in Thee alone. 
Andrew Murray

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