Saturday, September 29, 2012

His Eternal Hold

Every person the Father gives Me
eventually comes running to Me. 
And once that person is with Me, 
I hold on and don’t let go. 
John 6:37
There are those days I feel
this "eternal hold" of Jesus
more than others.
It becomes the most important
part of my knowing Him.
I believe that I exist for Him
and not the other way around.
But I am so grateful that
He is personal and loves me 
with this eternal love,
that His grace grips me
and holds me when I desperately need it
On those days, I trust His grip on my life
and that is all I can do.
It settles me and draws me
into His perfect peace and infinite love.
Because I know the other days will come again.
Jesus, thank You for holding on
and never letting go.
You are extravagantly and 
infinitely good.


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