Friday, September 14, 2012

He Draws Me

He draws close to me in order to
mature my wisdom,
deepen my peace,
increase my courage,
and supplement my power.
All this He does so that through
the experience that is distressing to me,
I will be of greater use…  
and I will grow under the load.
Streams in the Desert
Jesus assured us that we would
face trouble in this world.
But He also said His peace
would be our peace.
He assured Paul that weakness was good,
for power matures in weakness.
When Paul was going before the Sanhedrin,
Jesus told him he needed to take courage.
So, I go this day knowing
that God is still speaking about
peace and courage and power.
He is wanting to change me
to reflect His image in a greater way.
And I desperately need to change.
I need more wisdom, peace,
courage and power.
I also need more maturity, deepening,
increasing and supplementing.
Lord, You know what You are doing.
You have called me higher in You.
And I choose to go up and trust.
Your love never fails.
In all my weakness and doubt
and failings and lack,
help me to grow
that I might be more like You.
You came that I might
know the Way to abundant life.
It hasn't changed;
it is a cross of mercy.

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