Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Even Though...Again

But the Lord stood with me 
and gave me strength so that I...
2 Timothy 4:17
There are days when I am
challenged to believe that 
the Lord will move on my behalf.
Not because He is not able.
But because I have been in a place
that does not warrant His moving.
The enemy comes and convinces me
that I have not done enough--
not enough seeking or knocking
or asking or hearing--
for Him to give me anything. 
I am so glad that is not true.
There's obviously more we can get
when we actively seek and ask and pursue.
But His mercy isn't about how hard we work
or how spiritual we can be.
It is about days like this.
When all I can bank on is His grace.
I love days when I am on my game
and I hear Him and His life is flowing.
But even though that is not the case today, 
even though I am caught in my weakness, 
He reminds me that I am still His.
And He stands with me and 
has gives me strength so that I
can do more than just get by.
It is so that I can be His,
trusting Him to come  
and speak to me and love me
even though.
"Even though" is what 
mercy and grace is all about.

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