Sunday, September 30, 2012

You Have an Anointing

But you have an anointing from the Holy One..."
1 John 2:20
This has definitely been a season of change.
It feels tenuous, maybe even sad at times.
I have asked, "God what are You doing?
You give and take away.
And sometimes I don't get it."
There has definitely been some loss,
and I have to continually make sure 
I am loosely holding what I have.
But He also has been adding.
It has made me a bit restless.
I don't want change to be my focus.
Seek first the Kingdom...
and ALL the rest will be added.
I will not move from that.
This morning, He led me to 1John 2.
I believe His fingerprints are always
all over my time with Him.
He turns pages and directs my thoughts.
His assurance this morning is:
I have anointed you for each day,
which unfolds in moments.
Each moment has My very life at the center.
I know exactly what is inside each moment,
and I have anointed you for each one.
Walk in confidence that I hold you
and you are Mine.
I care about you more than 
you ask or imagine and, indeed, 
have already answered your prayer.
After I wrote this, I said to Him:
But I haven't even prayed anything yet.
I sensed a wink as He said, I know that.
But the prayer that you haven't even prayed yet...
I have already answered that.
Oh, how I love my time with Him!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

His Eternal Hold

Every person the Father gives Me
eventually comes running to Me. 
And once that person is with Me, 
I hold on and don’t let go. 
John 6:37
There are those days I feel
this "eternal hold" of Jesus
more than others.
It becomes the most important
part of my knowing Him.
I believe that I exist for Him
and not the other way around.
But I am so grateful that
He is personal and loves me 
with this eternal love,
that His grace grips me
and holds me when I desperately need it
On those days, I trust His grip on my life
and that is all I can do.
It settles me and draws me
into His perfect peace and infinite love.
Because I know the other days will come again.
Jesus, thank You for holding on
and never letting go.
You are extravagantly and 
infinitely good.


Friday, September 28, 2012


This Son perfectly mirrors God, 
and is stamped with God’s nature.
Hebrews 1:2
I went for a run this afternoon and passed 
a small pond surrounded by trees.
The mirror image of the trees 
in the pond was stunning.
The pond was completely filled with
the images of the trees above it.
I thought of Jesus perfectly mirroring
what He saw His Father doing.
I thought of our desire for earth
to be the mirror image of heaven.
I thought of our desire to be 
the mirror image of Christ.
He could have made us like the trees--
perfectly reflecting His image always.
But He made us human and gave us choice.
We can reflect whatever image we want.
Will I respond to His goodness and 
reflect Him accurately by surrendering
when He asks me to be more like Him?
Or will I use my freedom to reflect
something just a little different?
Jesus perfectly reflected 
the image of His Father.
I have thought about that 
since I ran past that pond.
I want to cast no shadow of turning.
I want to reflect His beauty so that people 
who don't know Him can see Who He is.
He invades our hearts with His love,
bidding us to come and die
that we might be more like Him.
That we might be transformed into 
an accurate representation of His love.
That we might be a perfect reflection.
"As He is, so are we in the world."
1John 4:17
Lord, I can only be like Thee
when I am one with Thee. 
I can only walk like Thee
when I abide in Thee. 
Blessed Lord, I surrender myself
to abide in Thee alone. 
Andrew Murray

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

His Unfolding Grace

Even though on the outside 
it often looks like things 
are falling apart on us, 
on the inside, 
where God is making new life, 
not a day goes by without 
His unfolding grace.
2 Cor 4:17
When the road around looks
a little confusing, rocky or dark, 
I have to set my sights on the
truth declared in God's word,
not on feelings based on the road.
You won’t see us drooping our heads 
or dragging our feet! 
It’s what we trust in 
but don’t yet see 
that keeps us going. 
Do you suppose a few 
ruts in the road or 
rocks in the path 
are going to stop us?
2Corinthians 5:7

Grace and faith.
His enabling grace leads
us down the road of faith every time.
I have to refuse to give my feelings a vote.
God, You provided a way for life.
You create new life every day.
I choose to live by Your word.
You are worthy of 
all my trust.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Love is on the Way those loved by God the Father, 
called and kept safe by Jesus Christ-- 
Relax, everything’s going to be all right; 
rest, everything’s coming together; 
open your hearts, 
love is on the way!
This is the unending life, the real life!
Jude 1:1-2, 21
Sometimes in my weakness, 
I have a hard time sensing presence.
That is the hardest kind of weakness
because it opens the door to big lies.
He comes this morning 
to rehearse truth with me
so the lies have no place to take root.
He speaks from His heart and 
I listen to words I don't deserve to hear.
But that is what His love is all about.
Nothing can separate you from My love.
My love is passionate and furious, 
and it never fails.
I have loved you with an everlasting love,
and it will always be so.
Come and sit with Me--
let Me flood you with My perfect love.
It breaks every barrier
and knows no boundaries.
I will answer the cries of your heart.
I know you better than you know yourself,
and I know how to help you fully live.

Relax, everything’s going to be all right; 
rest, everything’s coming together; 
open your heart, 
My love is on the way
to break through 
your weakness.
My love wins every time!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Resurrection and Life

Scripture tells the story of Lazarus,
and his sisters, Mary and Martha.
Jesus loved these siblings deeply.
One day, He received word 
that Lazarus was very sick.
When He met up with Mary and Martha,
Jesus told them he would be raised up.
Mary said she knew he would be 
resurrected at the end of time.

I am, right now, Resurrection and Life. 
John 11:25
Mary believed in Him and believed 
something about the future resurrection.
They were in the midst of suffering and death,
and Mary trusted that it 
would work out in eternity.

But Jesus was trying to show them
how His love and resurrection power 
are also for right now.
In the midst of suffering and trial,
Jesus has a "right now" resurrection.
We often think He doesn't come 
soon enough into our circumstances.
He waited two days to get to Lazarus.
It has nothing to do with lack of love.

We think sooner would have been better.
We believe it will all work out for good in eternity.
But what of His resurrection power now?
He is, right now, the Resurrection and the Life.
Those things that look lifeless
aren't things.
They are issues of our heart.
Sometimes it is easier to bury those
and trust eternity with the answers.
But Jesus resurrects hope on a daily basis.
Jesus, I look to You for life today.
I believe You can resurrect my hope today
for those things that I have called dead.
"Get up, my dear friend
and come away with Me.
I am, right now, 
the Resurrection and Life.
My life and my love 
are intimately connected.
Stand with Me
and watch Me bring
My Father glory
as I life you with 
My resurrection power."


Friday, September 21, 2012

Mercy in Weakness

We use our powerful God-tools 
for tearing down barriers 
erected against the truth of God, 
fitting every loose thought 
and emotion and impulse 
into the structure of life 
shaped by Christ...
building lives of obedience 
into maturity.
2 Corinthians 10:5

I have had to identify specific tools
during this season of 
loose thoughts and emotions.
They are the keys of life for me.
One of these is the word mercy.

In days of clear thinking and radical trust,
I cry out for a greater faith and deeper revelation.
I am grateful God allows me 
to have those kinds of days.
But on those days where I can't see clearly,
all that seems to help is a cry for mercy.
It renders me totally dependent,
in a place of weakness.
The promise in weakness is strength.
My strength comes into 
its own in your weakness.
So, I stand trusting in His strength.
Being okay in my weakness.
It's what mercy is all about.
Lord, have mercy on me.
It is my prayer all day long.
David declares in Psalm 52 that
God's mercy carries the day.


Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Heart Christ's Home

Sometimes you find music
that appears written just for you.
This morning I listened to “Make Your Home”
and will likely hit repeat all day.
Oh hear this humble prayer 

Oh from a heart laid bare 

All that I ask of Thee 

Make Your home,
Make Your home in me 
“Make Your Home”
Brady Toops

Grant me faith to move the mountain 

And be cast into the sea 

When I'm lost and when I'm doubting 

Seal my confidence in Thee
Solid verses pointing me to Christ.
The song is rooted in Ephesians 3:16-18. 
 I pray that His unlimited resources 
will make you strong through His Spirit.
Then Christ will make His home
in your hearts as you trust in Him.
Your roots will grow down
into God’s love and keep you strong.
It is through His unlimited resources—
not anything I happen to have
or mysteriously lack at the time.
His Spirit gives me inner strength.
His love keeps me strong.
Today, God, hear this prayer
from a heart laid bare.
All I ask of Thee is that
You make Your home in me.


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

He Hears My Voice

I love the Lord because 
He hears my voice
and my prayer for mercy. 
Because He bends down to listen,
I will pray as long as I have breath!

How kind the Lord is! 
How good He is!
So merciful, this God of ours!
Let my soul be at rest again,
for the Lord has been good to me.
Psalm 116
Just the first lines of this psalm
are enough for me today.
The Lord hears my voice
and my prayer for mercy.
He bends down to listen to me.
The picture of this merciful God
stooping down to hear His daughter
deeply satisfies my soul.
What amazing love we have 
in this Father God--
eternally kind 
and infinitely good.
Let my soul be at rest again.
You have been so good to me.
Thank You for Your mercy.
May I never stop asking You for more
and never stop thanking You 
for all You give.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lord Have Mercy

O Lord, have mercy and 
be gracious to me! 
O Lord, be my helper!
Psalm 30:10

These days have been psalm days.
My heart has been able to connect
with the cries of the psalmists.
There is a song by Brady Toops
that echoes the cry in Psalm 30.
It has been my cry as well.
These are days when all I can do is ask
the Lord for His mercy and grace.

When I come to You in prayer,
Lord have mercy
And when I wonder if You're there,
Lord have mercy
When I cannot find the way,
Lord have mercy
Should my heart my heart begin to stray,
Lord have mercy

When I lay me down to sleep,
Lord have mercy
And when the road ahead gets steep,
Lord have mercy
When I falter, when I fail,
Lord have mercy
May Your kindness still prevail,
Lord have mercy

When I see Your promises,
Lord have mercy
Knowing well that I am blessed,
Lord have mercy
Oh may I never cease to ask,
Lord have mercy
Til' I breathe my very last,
Lord have mercy
Grateful for psalmists of this day
who can express in song
the cries of our heart.
And allow truth to sink into 
the depths of our soul.