Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Today's Surrender

Tomorrow's freedom is today's surrender.
I come before You
lay my burdens down.
"Dawn to Dusk" All Sons and Daughters
I loaded a few new songs on my iPod yesterday
and headed out for a run.
At some point, this song came on
and it went on repeat for the remainder of the run.
The revelation of that truth filled me with such hope.
I thought I was out of control.
I have all the control I need.
The degree in which I walk in freedom tomorrow
is contingent on the degree in which I surrender today.
The key is to identify the things that need surrender.
It is a spirit led recognition of 
every thought that gets elevated
higher than the thought of Him.
Can I surrender to His sovereignty here?
Can I surrender to His goodness here?
Can I surrender to His loving kindness here?
If not, I just might have to walk in fear tomorrow.
Or striving. Or sadness. Or hopelessness.
Or whatever my emotions or soul dictates.
He came that we would have life.
Abundant life.
I choose to have control over tomorrow.
I surrender today.
I lay every burden down
and elevate Your Name above
every thought and every circumstance.
James 4:7 reminds us,
Surrender to God! 
Resist the devil, and he will run from you.
When we surrender to God, 
all darkness must run from us.
That's the kind of freedom I'm talking about.

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