Thursday, August 16, 2012

To Be Free

No longer lend your strength
To that which you wish to be free from.
Jewel, "Life Uncommon"

Our family camp speaker played this song today,
and these lines when straight to my heart.
What a beautiful way to state a powerful truth.
Our co-dependent, divided lives are sapped
by forever holding on to those things
we totally need to be free from.
Father is after complete freedom in His children.
He didn't send Jesus to die on a cross 
so that we could co-exist with our sin.
Lord, I have no option but to surrender
everything to You.
I will no longer treat fear like a bad friend--
 "I really don't like you, but I put up with you."
Doubt, I can't treat you like that either.
Or insecurity. Or sadness. Or striving.
I can't lend any of you my strength.
Quite frankly, I have no strength left.
So today, I make choices to turn my back
on those things I want to be free from--really.
They are loud voices.
But I will "lend my voice only
to the sound of freedom."
Will this challenge me daily?
Even right now.
But I will stay in the process and 
"set down my chains
until only faith remains."
I like faith a lot.
And I am desperate for freedom.
It is what Christ died for.
"Fill your lives with love and bravery.
And you will lead a life uncommon."
I can't settle for anything less.

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