Thursday, August 2, 2012

New Strength

If I were training to get stronger, 
and I could easily lift 10 pound weights, 
a trainer would surely take those out of my hands
and give me heavier weights.
I would find that I couldn't do what I could before.
That wouldn't mean I just got weaker.
It would mean I am about to get stronger.
My trainer would simply tell me to lift,
rep after rep, over and over.
And no whining.
I can miss that principle outside the gym.
Instead of embracing the training, 
I can feel like I'm just a wimp.
I don't want to lift the weight.  I want to whine.
The Holy Spirit comes to remind me 
I will be in training for a very long time.
Perhaps eternity.
Get lifting.

For who are you, 
O great mountain of human obstacles?
You shall become a mere molehill!
Zech 7:7
Though obstacles seem bigger than they used to,
I have been training and the Lord 
has been strengthening me.
God arms me with strength,
and He makes my way perfect.
Psalm 18:32
Going to the gym can seem overwhelming.
The challenges today can seem equally overwhelming.
But Holy Spirit is my trainer and He knows how 
to train me in strength.
I go back to what I know:
every day is training day.
He guides me and leads me.
He gives me new strength.
Psalm 23:3

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