Monday, August 6, 2012

Listen to His Voice

The Lord will surely bless thee, 
if thou only diligently hearken unto 
the voice of the Lord thy God.
Deut 15:5
It is so important that we hear His voice.
In the midst of the noise and the voices,
His voice has to be loudest.
How else does obedience get opportunity
to demonstrate itself as love?
The question is not 
whether you have, or have not, 
done a thing that fell into harmony 
with the will of God--
but, did you do it, or not do it, 
as a conscious choice because you 
heard His voice and you chose to respond?
George MacDonald
Living a good life is not the same
as living an obedient life.
I want to consciously love Him by obeying 
that which He has given me for today. 
I have to be able to say,
My God has spoken these words to me;
He has given me this promise, 
and He has commanded me to do this: 
this then is what I will also obey. 
To listen to the voice earnestly, diligently, 
is the sure way to obedience.
Andrew Murray
Life will come forth today as I listen
and obey the one thing He is asking me.
He knows just what I need.
His commands are an intimate
expression of His love.
Obedience is my expression 
of love to Him.

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