Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hope in God O My Soul

Why have you become 
troubled within me, O my soul? 
Hope in God, 
for I will praise Him again 
for His help of being near me. 
Psalm 42:5
I love that David had everyday days,
days when he struggled with his soul.
And that he always commanded it
to remember truth.
 I echo his words today as I speak to mine.
Hope in God, O my soul.
His help is always near
and you need to focus on Him.
Chaos calls to chaos,
      to the tune of whitewater rapids.
   Your breaking surf, 
your thundering breakers
      crash around me.
   Then God promises to love me all day,
      sing songs all through the night!
      My life is God's prayer.
Psalm 42:7
I will praise Him as often as I can
for being my greatest hope
and my source of all life.
Hope in God, O my soul.
Though waves crash all around,
God promises His love and His song.
God, thank You for training me
to see You and hope in You
and trust You in the depths.
May my soul sing back to You today.
As deep calls unto deep.
Your presence is my true peace.

Image: meganmemories365.wordpress.com

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