Sunday, August 19, 2012

He Hears Our Sighs

Hear my words, O Lord. 
Consider my sighing. 
Listen to my cry for help, 
my King and my God. 
For I pray to you. 
Morning by morning, 
You will hear my voice. 
Morning by morning I lay 
my prayers before You 
and look up.
Psalm 5
I love how David expresses 
what is real to him and his hope 
that God has the power to change all that.
David is full of words, sighs and requests.
When I read, "Consider my sighing," I smiled.
I have often sighed before God and 
figured that He was waiting for me
to get over my sighing self and just trust HIm.
But David asks God to please consider--
to pay attention to--his sighing.
God hears me each morning, sighs and all.
He wants me to come as I am
and exchange my sighs for His peace.
David is confident that God will hear him.
He says that he is going to lay his prayers
before God...and look up.
The apostle John assures us:
If we are sure He hears us 
when we ask, 
we can be sure He will give us 
what we ask for. 
1John 5:15

God, I look to you and ask You 
to hear both my words and my sighs.
I am laying my prayers before You
and I am looking up.
I am confident that You hear me.
And I am confident that You answer.
You are all-knowing,loving and wise.
And though there are deep sighs in my heart,
I trust You
And I look up.

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