Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fire Light

Let us have grace to serve 
the consuming fire, our God, 
with divine fear; 
not with fear that cringes, 
but with the bowing down of all thoughts,
all delights, all loves before Him 
who is the life of them all,
and will have them all pure.
George MacDonald

This consuming fire God—
the God who loves us and 
would have us be holy and pure—
comes not always as Torch-bearer 
but also as Light-giver.
His perfect light reveals
the thoughts, delights, and loves
that we hold higher than Him.
We can use His fire light to see and release
before He must use the fire light to torch and burn.

...since we have been given a kingdom 
that is unshakeable, 
let us serve God with thankfulness 
in the ways which please Him, 
with reverence and holy fear. 
For it is perfectly true that 
our God is a burning fire.
Hebrews 12:29
Our God is kind, merciful and loving.
He gives us ample opportunity to 
exercise divine fear and submit ourselves 
completely to His ways.
We cry out for purity in the innermost places,
and He comes with His fire light
to help us see where we are not yet pure.
God, may those shakeable things fall off, 
that I am left holding onto that which is unshakeable.
I want to be pleasing to You.

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