Sunday, July 1, 2012

Rise and Shine

Rise up and shine, 
for your light has come. 
The shining-greatness of the Lord 
has risen upon you.
Isaiah 60
This Scripture has many meanings,
but The Lord can speak 
to an entire nation and a single heart 
through the same word.
This morning He said to me,
My shining-greatness rises upon you.
Your light has come, again.
My glory gets displayed through
the miracle of the sunrise
and the miracle of My life
lived out through yours.
You can rise and shine because 
My shining-greatness has risen upon you.
You can go forth in peace because
 My life in you does the work.
I am your abundant life;
whether you are consciously aware or not,
I am filling you with life and 
flooding you with goodness
all day long.
The shining greatness of the Lord has risen on me.
I get to go forth as a display of His glory.
Miraculously simple.
Gloriously impossible.

I ask, Lord, that out of the 
rich treasury of Your glory, 
that I would be strengthened 
with mighty power in my inner man 
by the Holy Spirit indwelling 
my innermost being and personality.
Eph 3:16
To You be the glory.

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