Saturday, July 28, 2012

Look Down!

To those who love God, 
and called according to His plan, 
everything that happens 
fits into a pattern for good.
Romans 8:28
God uses everything that comes our way
to help us become who He created us to be,
living fully in our inheritance as His children.
It often feels that everything that comes our way
is designed to rob us of that inheritance.
I have to remember what He says.
Recently in worship, we sang the beautiful song
from United Pursuit, "Nothing I Hold Onto:"
I lean not on my own understanding.
My life is in the hands 
of the Maker of heaven.
I give it all to You God,
trusting that You'll make 
something beautiful out of me.

There has been much shaking going on lately.
In the midst of it all, I have struggled to let go.
Everything is changing and there is 
nothing I can do about it.
Whenever that sense of fear begins creeping in,
I have been trained to go "up" because--
as the title of this blog declares--Up is Better.
But this morning, Jesus came and 
reminded me to occasionally look down.
"My feet are planted solidly next to yours
and I am not moving."
He never leaves me or forsakes me. 
He is my rock, my fortress and my hope.
On Christ the solid rock I stand.
All other ground is shifting sand.
He causes everything to fit
into a pattern of good
for those who love Him.
God, I trust that You will make
something beautiful out of me
that will bring glory to Your name.


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