Wednesday, July 4, 2012

His Presence, Honor & Reward

The Lord says, “I will rescue you
because You love Me.
I will protect you
because you trust in My name.
When you call on Me, I will answer;
I will be with you in trouble.
I will rescue and honor you.
I will reward you with a long life
and give you My salvation.”
Psalm 91
I LOVE this psalm.
This life is completely about trusting Him.
He is completely worthy of our trust.
He rescues those who love Him.
He protects those who trust Him.
He answers those who call Him.
He stands with us.
He honors us.
He rewards us.
I rehearse this psalm like a song
and trust that the DNA of my being
is responding to this awesome truth.
What can I say to a God 
who would promise me
His presence, His honor and His reward?
That I give Him my heart
and that I love Him.
And by Your grace and mercy, God,
I will stand with You, honor You
and be Your reward.
Thank You for reminding me--again--
just how great You are
and worthy of giving all that I am.
Help me live this day
as an expression of Your goodness.

15 16 

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