Saturday, July 14, 2012


In the perfect and eternal world, 
the Law will vanish. 
But the results of having lived 
faithfully under it will not. 
C.S. Lewis
Daily living is all about faithfulness.
It doesn't matter if I have memorized
the entire Bible or whether
I profess my faith with my mouth.
There are many Scriptures about that.
The challenge is to live my faith.
Especially when no one around me
knows or even cares what my faith means.
There are enough examples of word faith.
People need deed faith.
There aren't many who haven't heard the gospel;
there are a whole lot of people who
haven't seen the gospel.
And even if there were no one else around,
the holy and reverent fear of the Lord
must motivate my heart 
to be one with my mouth.
If you continue to be faithful, 
I will give you the reward of life. 
Revelation 2:10
I have been continually challenged 
these past weeks staying back east with family 
and friends who have a different faith.
Their lives line up consistently with their values.
Without absolute truth, anything goes.
And it has been a swirl of anythings.
I have had to turn to the Lord often
to ask for guidance for my actions.
How do You want to handle this one, Lord?
Because I have absolutely no idea.
And He has helped me to be His.
Sometimes by being quiet and 
sometimes by being gentle.
Every once in a while by simply stating truth
and trusting that I don't have to defend it.
I want to be faithful.
It really does matter.

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