Monday, July 9, 2012

Confident in His Character

Faith is deliberate confidence 
in the character of God whose ways 
you may not understand at the time.
~Oswald Chambers
The older we get, the more diversity
we must face in each day.
There are not usually "sun shining days"
and then "wilderness days"
where we have a chance to give 
our whole hearts to one or the other.
It all gets very simultaneous.
There are things we are rejoicing in;
there are things we are carrying 
with heavy hearts--
all at the same time.
Without deliberately relying on God, 
we get conflicted and don't handle either one very well.
But God knows how to direct our hearts
and root them in the confidence of His character.
He may reveal the mysteries of His doings,
or He may simply have us trust Him.
Our faith in His goodness holds us in the midst
of triumph and trial.
Both can be imposters, urging us
to look at them as the final say so.
Our only place of safety is leaning into
what we know of God's character.
We know He is good and we know we can trust Him.
God, I look to You and let You lead me
through the daily moments
of trials and triumphs.
And everything in between.
You want to show me how to navigate
the peaks and the valleys
so that I represent You and Your ways.
I trust You.

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