Monday, June 4, 2012

Under Pressure

Consider it a sheer gift, friends, 
when tests and challenges 
come at you from all sides. 
You know that under pressure, 
your faith-life is forced into the open 
and shows its true colors. 
James 1:2-3
James is exhorting believers to 
have a different view of pressure.
"Consider it a gift," he tells them.
We get a chance to see what 
we are really made of when pressure comes 
in the form of tests and trials.

This is one of those busiest of seasons for me.
Although they are all good things, 
I feel hard pressed on every side.
Pressed but not crushed.
The Lord reminded me that in a birthing process,
huge amounts of pressure bear down 
in the form of contractions.
The pressure is purposeful.
There has been something forming on the inside
and now the birthing process pushes it out.
It may be painful and hard to endure,
but it isn't for the sake of pain or endurance.
It is for the sake of life.
The Lord says to me,
Kathy, trust that I am birthing something in you.
The pressure that you are experiencing
is purposeful, and as you trust Me,
you will produce something that has much life.
Because life is my nature--
I am the way, the truth and the life.
Relax and allow the pressure to release that
which is being formed in you.
Your faith-life is continually being forced into the open
and in just the perfect time, 
the life comes forth and the contractions end.
Until I choose to bring life forth from you again.
And again.
Consider it My gift to you.

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